Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

So over at Love from Texas 

Yes I know it is Tuesday but, I'm going to join in late!

This week we are taking a look into the great unknown our purses!

Is it a problem if my boss often ask me if I'm planning on staying the night at the office
 because of all a haul around, HA!

I really like the size of my purse it holds a lot without looking like a Nana purse!

All of this was in that!

The inside, I know it's nasty!

There are a few things that I HAVE to have in my purse
1. Wallet-for obvious reasons
2. Phone
3.Small make-up bag
( contains chapstick, lip liner, lip stick, gloss, at least 2 tubes of mascara)
4. Headache Meds
(Excedrin and RX)
5. Tape Measure
(my MIL got this one for my for Christmas, it has a key ring on it so it goes on the key holder I NEVER use)
6. Nose Spray

It's always nice to have
antibacterial stuff

If I leave the house I always take my pink make-up bag even though I rarely carry it in my purse

This is my wonderful Kate Landrey wreistlet, I heart this thing so much. It is the perfect size !

On Monday I put all my errands on a sticky note and stick it to the back of my wallet!


I hope I am not the only one who's purse becomes a little out of hand!

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