Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Antique Chalkboard!

OK, So I have joined my first MckLinky Blog Party/Contest over at Shanty2Chic!

It's was not really Shanty when I started out but it sure looks Chic now!

The only rule is you must have used a Rust-Oleum product.
Well this project started out as a Christmas present, but well I think I have decided to keep it!
Sorry Momma !
I purchased the mirror at Hobby Lobby, it was regularly $19.99 and I of course got it
for 50% off!

Chalk Board Paint

Heirloom White
Black Craft Paint
Sponge Brush
Sand Paper

The funny thing about the Heirloom White is that I here Whitney and Ashley speak of it all the time and when I headed to the shed to see what kind of off-white spray paint I had,
it was just sitting right there, never been used, and calling my name!

I always, I mean ALWAYS have black chalk board paint!

1st ~I unscrewed the back (those were the tiniest screws ever!)

2nd~I spray painted it a few times to get the coverage I wanted.

3rd~ Spray painted the mirror a few times, being careful not to leave "lines".

4th~ used my sanding block and went over the raised edges. Some of the black that was on the frame to began with came though.

5th~ dry brushed the black craft paint on with a sponge brush

6th~ put it all back together and wrote a Cheerful Christmas message for my bathroom!

Thank you all for checking out my Antique Chalkboard made with love and a little help from Rust-Oleum!

Ok, so I always want to look at the positive side of things on this blog but I have to warn all of you or possible get your advise if you know otherwise. I purchased Bistro Chalk Markers ( & paid full price), they have ruined all of my chalk board (even the one above)! The last message I wrote is still showing through. I have used water, 409, and even put one in the dishwasher, HELP!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Here is the after that I promised!

I'm not sure that Zebra's and Snowmen co-exist in nature, but they look good in my house!

I love the simple look of the off white and green!

And the stockings were hung.

Don't worry all of the cords will be hide by the presents.

More pictures to come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Baby

Ok, Ok, I know I said I was going to blog every day, but I have just been exhausted.
I hope to get some more Christmas pictures up in the next few days
(believe me I will have so many you will not notice I skipped a few days)!
Here is a picture of my new Santa picture.

I really wanted on and gave myself a budget of $40 or maybe $50 if I loved it. So I went to Kirkland’s and fount the one I wanted for $60. I came home and have not been able to stop thinking about it, so I went online and signed up for their e-mail list to see if I could get a coupon and just like that 20% off. So I went back and purchased the last one. Tax and all $51.12!
I know I will be able to keep this print for years to come!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

JOY to the World, or just to my Tree.......

This was so simple and cheap! My two favorite things!


Cardboard/Wooden letters
Black Paint
School Glue
Spray Adhesive
2 Sponge Brushes
Paper Plates (however many letters you have)

Step 1.

Paint the back and sides of your letters black ( I just used craft paint), put each letter on a plate

Step 2.

Paint on the glue with a sponge brush

Step 3.

Immediately after painting on the glue spray with adhesive

Step 4.

Sprinkle glitter on your letter (heavily)

Step 5.

Immediately shake off glitter and poor back into the container

Step 6.

Repeat 3-5 Three times (yes spray the adhesive over the glitter).

After the third glittering let the letter set for 20 min.

"J" is for Joy

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Middle

I enjoyed a nice quite Thanksgiving alone today. My husband went to my familes for the weekend to spend the long weekend hunting and I stayed at home because I have to work tomorrow. I made a lot of progress today on our Christmas decor, however my house is a wreck and I have to get it some what picked up incase it shows tomorrow. Here is what it looks like right now!

In the next few days I will post on how to make your own "JOY"!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 Before Tree

Before Tree

We had our only Thansgiving the weekend before, so I put up all the fall stuff and unloaded all the Christmas decorations! I look forward to this all year! Stay tuned for the Middle and After!

2009 Tree Before

Blogging into the New Year

Blogging into the New Year

I'm going to attempt to Blog once a day until January 1st 2010.
I already know that I will "miss" a few days because I'll be out of town, however I will make them up when I return. My Daily Blog may only consist of a picture and a few quick thoughts but if a picture is worth a thousand words then I will not need to say much, Ha!

Today is Baby Taeler 's 1st Birthday.
She is my cousin and his wife's baby and is the baby of both of our families and is known as "Baby Taeler". I was the baby for 19 years until her Bubba, Carter, was born. We all (including their parents) assumed Carter would be an only child until we were blessed by this little girl 7 years later.She was well worth the wait!!!!

Happy Birthday Baby Taeler, we all LOVE you so much!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shopping, For Less!

I love to shop, however I do not like to spend money. This can be a problem, so I am always looking for a bargain, I watch for sales, do a lot of comparison shopping, I'm a copy cat and do not mind trying to re-create something pricey on the cheap side, and I do not mind buying second hand. I actually like shopping at re-sale stores because:

1. The quantity is limited, so they either have it or they don't so you are not wasting your time.

2. The selection of different brands all under one roof.

3. You would not imagine the amount of stuff that I get that is new and still has the tags on it.

4. The price of course!

However I do not mind spending money on shoes, slacks, jackets, or something that I know I will honestly get my money out of!

I call this my $12 outfit, no the whole thing did not cost $12 but each piece did and they each represent a different type of shopping strategy.

Sorry for the pitiful picture!

Shirt- black mock turtle neck has a cap sleeve and I bought it at Stein Mart it was $15.99 but I had a 20% coupon!

Scarf- black and white hounds tooth can go with so much. I bought it at a re-sale shop but I'm pretty sure it is new (this particular re-sale shop buys a lot of accessories at market) and was $12.99 with tax!
Red Cardigan- Talbots classic cardigan, regular price around $70. It is not long like a lot of cardigans that I have bought/seen this season but I'm short and can make it work plus it was $12.99 with tax!
Belt- Classic black belt from Target, I paid full price of $12.99 and have already wore it more than I thought I would!
Pants- These came from Dillard’s and were around $60 regular and I paid no more than $9.00, can you believe that! They were on clearance after I found these by mistake I combed every Dillard’s I could trying to find more they are short size and fit me perfectly, I found one more pair that were a brown pin stripe and I paid $10 for those.
Shoes- Well everyone should have a nice pair of black heels they are worth the money. I always keep a black and brown pair of Nine West similar to the pair below.

This is a great way to make a cheap knit summer dress a little more dressed up and depending on your dress code at work it could mean having one more casual work appropriate outfit!

See looking good does not have to make you feel guilty! Above is the same cardigan and scarf, the dress came from Wal-Mart for $12 last summer and the necklace came from Cato's and I'm pretty sure it was $4.99. This would look great with black boots like the ones below and tights. I do not wear tall boots, they do not look good on me but if I did not look so awful in them I would buy a pair like this.

I also bought this cranberry corduroy blazer at the re-sale shop they were having an alphabet sale and on that day everything with a J was on 20% off, so I think I paid about $15 for it, I had to pay other $12 for alterations but I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. I plan on wearing in for work and weekend. I bought the scarf for $5.99 at Cato's and have a tank underneath.

I have some wide leg jeans similar to these. I bought them at Target for $29!

I have some short brown boots very similar to these, they ar Nine West and I bought them when I was in college and they still look great!

I was going to say Big Gold earrings, however I ran across these turquoise and remembered I have some very similar except they are on silver hoops and are turquoise and pearls but think it might still be pretty cute! None the less these are only $6.95 at Sam Moon!

I found this one on ebay for $18.99.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paisley, oh how I love thee.....

I love paisley. I think it is classy and timeless, you can wear it at any age and decorate your home with it. It is the perfect pattern! Below are some of my most favorite Paisley things!!!

I'm in love with this chair

However at $1698 I'm afraid Anthropologie is going to have to keep it.
But they have some lamp shades that match so I may treat myself to one of those instead!

This pillow is from Peir 1 and was the insperation for my guest room.
It makes me smile and was only $29.

Paisley for babies is so precious, this looks just like Baby Taeler's Room!

I'm really into scarves right now and this one is super cute !

Even Men can wear paisley!

And for the cutest Paisley's around

Brad, Kimberly, Huck and Baby Jasper!