Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Second Annual $5 Challenge
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1) The challenge was to create a new spring decor item for your home
2) It had to be purchased from a dollar store
3) $5.00 was the price limit
4) You could use paint, glue, fabric, paper and tools if you already had them on hand

We were in great need of a calendar in the kitchen, but I knew I did not want a big bulky one.

So while at Dollar Tree shopping for Valentine goodies I found this :

miniature cork board
I was not sure what I was going to do with it but for $1.00 I had to have it!

I found this and did the project before the announcement of the challenge, everything happens for a reason!

I sanded down the wood trim with some left over sand paper

I had bought these for another project and had not used them yet, I thought they would dress up the board!
They were only $1.99, so even if I had to purchase them to stay within the $5 budget
I would have been able to!
You could also choose not to hot glue them on if you want a look more contemporary

I them painted the wood frame black, with Apple brand paint (I always keep this on hand) with a cheap-o sponge brush (I buy these in bulk)!

When it had dried, I used the sand paper to rough up the edged, to give it a little personality

I then painted the decorative pieces with Apple brand paint in lime green, when the green had had time to dry I brushed over it with black with a sponge brush as well!

I glued the pieces on with hot glue, a girls best friend!!!!

I wanted my calendar to go on the fridge so I dug through the junk drawer and found 4 magnets and hot glued them on!

I had initially wanted to use some black and white Damask wrapping paper left over from Christmas to cover the cork but was afraid that it would be a little difficult to cut to size , so after thinking for a second I decided that I would go through a whole drawer full of scrap book paper that I never use and see if I could find something black and white.

I came up with black and white polka dot, which I was not crazy about at first but I know it had to work.
I am sure that when I purchased this paper about 3 years ago it did not cost more than .25 cents!

All I did was cut the paper just a tiny bit bigger than the cork part and slipped it under the wood frame!

Now for a calendar , I looked at dollar stores and could not find a cheap small calendar that I could take apart so I went online an found a Word version, changed the font, printed to size and then punched two holes in the top so I could run a piece of ribbon through it.

I had planned on using some burlap ribbon my Mom had given me
for Christmas but it looked too bulky, so I looked around
and found a great lime green piece of ribbon that came on a bag
from Coldwater Creek, it was perfect and FREE!

I then cut a piece of card board (from a cereal box I was throwing away)
to use as backing for the paper calendar.
Stabled it and the calendar to the cork and boom it was done!

When I saw that Lindsay was going to have a $5 challenge I knew I had to enter, this would also be perfect to hang on a metal file cabinet in the office or leave off the magnet and place in an easel on a desk!


  1. What a great project! You are a clever and crafty girl. Happy Spring!

  2. This is so cute! I love the color combo.

  3. Oh my, as cute as can be. I love the colors, the appliques and the way you threaded the green ribbon through.

  4. Love the green with the polk dots! Very fresh!

  5. Love it! Love the colors! So cute!

  6. you are so stinking creative. love it. I am about to send you a facebook message.

  7. Nice choice in background paper! I heart polka-dots.

    Such a cute way to get organized!

  8. Great project! I showcased you in my blog.